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External links Forum Land Category:International law Category:International relations Category:Arts and humanities courses Category:International political organizations Category:History of international relations Category:Organizations established in 2006The Evolution of Sam The Evolution of Sam is a 2006 American made-for-television animated comedy film directed by Matthew Rolston and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It is the seventh of the Animaniacs series and the first since 1994's All Your Circuits Go to the Dogs. The movie is a direct follow up to the animated television series, "Sam & Max: The Animated Series", with both giving the background of Sam and Max's families. Plot The movie starts with the aftermath of Sam and Max's crime against The Agency. In the end, they are called to explain what happened to their families. Sam Sam is a nerdy high-school student. After a rather odd parent-teacher conference with his father Mr. Kim, his mother, Melinda, comes home to tell him that their family's spaceship has been stolen and she has had to come home early from her job as a teacher. Sam and his friends go with Mr. Kim to the local spaceport to try to get it back, but their plan fails when Max's girlfriends and her twin sister, Maxine, think that they are the thieves. After that, they go to The Agency's hidden headquarters where Melinda is trying to get the spaceship back. After a moment of confusion, they get the spaceship back, and all the witnesses say it was a set-up, and that Max and Melinda are the thieves. A furious Mr. Kim storms out. Max Max is a middle-school student and lives with his father, Mr. Higgins, and his mother, Mrs. Higgins, who are traveling artists. They are a cabaret act and their act is the only thing that Max worries about. When he comes home, Maxine tries to prove that he is a criminal by showing him the spaceship which Max stole from The Agency. But the act of stealing the spaceship has given Max an obsession with the idea that he might be a criminal, so when he tries to be good, he realizes that he's better at being a criminal. He and his friends run to The Agency to find out what they are. After getting the spaceship back, a furious Mr. Higgins storms out. Mr. and Mrs. Higgins





(2011) Ls Land Forum 31

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